"Red Death" Project

This is a collaborative project. "The Red Death" is a graphic novel spin-off of the internet cult hit - "Bio Apocalypse".

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"The Red Death" is a sci-fi/horror graphic novel inspired by the internet cult hit "Bio Apocalypse"

The year is 2123. Eli, his sister Lily, and their parents have been struggling with the problems of daily life, barely concerned about the strange news reports of a supposed "infection" spreading across the country. Later that night, Eli is awakened by someone frantically pounding at the door. That's when life for Eli and Lily spirals into a hellish nightmare as the "infection" invades their town. While trying to survive, they contact their estranged father, a scientist living on the Lunar colonies. He urges them to make their way to the nearest space-port and get off the planet before it’s too late. The two siblings set off across the state to escape the growing mass that is rapidly consuming the world.

Project History

When I attended the WAE Film Festival in March 2012 for the premiere of my movie "Nensha", I was amazed by another film shown there, "Bio Apocalypse". After the festival, I met up with the creator and we discussed a possible future collaboration. With his permission, I started planning a spin-off based on "Bio Apocalypse", called "The Red Death" -- the name I associated with the creature in the original movie.

Project Status:

"The Red Death" is currently in the planning process. The original Bio Apocalypse is now reissued for print-on-demand on IndyPlanet.


"Bio Apocalypse" videos on YouTube.

Bio Apocalypse

In the wake of a genetic experiment gone wrong, all life on the planet is fused into a nightmarish super-organism. The remnants of humanity survive on the moon, and wage war for the future of the Earth. - Synopsis from Indyplanet

Length: Approx 26 min
Genre: Sci-Fi / Horror
Year: 2012
Bio Apocalypse live action trailer

An awesome fan trailer that will give you a sense of what Bio Apocalypse would look like if it was made into a live action movie.

Length: Approx 2 min
Genre: Sci-Fi / Horror
Year: 2012
Art & Photos

Bio Apocalypse Fan Art drawn by various artists

"Bio Apocalypse Banner"
Bio Apocalypse Banner
"Bio Hell"
Bio Hell
"Feta Attack"
Feta Attack
"Red Planet"
Red Planet
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